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Smart Scale Pro - Electronic Weighing Scale

Smart Scale Pro - Electronic Weighing Scale

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Product name: Electronic Scale
Color: Black,Rose gold
Type:Black,Line Rose Gold,Cross Rose Gold,Line Black
Shell Material: Toughened Glass
Power supply: USB Charging
Weighing range: 0.1-180 kg
Weighing unit: Kilogram, kg two
Graduation value: 10g
Size: About 260mm x 260mm x 21mm

This Smart Scale Pro is more than just a scale - it's also a thermometer with a temperature sensor that detects changes in the room temperature while weighing. Plus, it automatically turns on and off using a gravity sensing system, making it both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. No need to worry about accidentally leaving it on - Automatically turn soff after about 5-10 seconds of non-use.
- Just one hour of charging provides 90 days of accurate weighing!
- Track your weight and fitness progress with the Smart Scale Pro. Designed with delicate and durable details, it's tough and scratch-resistant. Measure your weight with ease and stay motivated on your fitness journey with this advanced scale.
- Experience the strength and durability of our Smart Scale Pro with its high-quality tempered glass! Our scale can withstand extreme temperatures, making it sturdy and resistant to pressure, wear, and compression. With a weight capacity of 180kg, it is perfect for all your weighing needs.
- Experience ultimate stability and safety with our Smart Scale Pro, equipped with a high-elastic foot pad to prevent rollovers and ensure a secure fit. Its non-slip, wear-resistant design guarantees a stable and effective user experience. Feel confident in your weight management with this safe and reliable scale..

Package Included:
1 x Bathroom Scale   

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