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TwistFit Core Disc Duo

TwistFit Core Disc Duo

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Introducing the 2pcs TwistFit Core Disc Duo - the perfect addition to your workout routine! Get ready to experience the benefits of a twister, waist disc, and foot massager all in one. Enhance your fitness journey with this innovative trainer.

1. Experience a liberated and customizable twisting experience with the upgraded split design of TwistFit Core Disc Duo. Adjust the spacing of the twisting plates to your liking and twist away with ease!

2. Experience the ultimate in foot massage with our unique contact design. Not only will it massage your soles, but it will also twist your waist for a more invigorating and beneficial experience.

3. The TwistFit Core Disc Duo boasts a robust load-bearing capacity of 400KG thanks to its reinforced ABS material and structural design. Experience enhanced stability and confidence during your workouts with this durable and reliable product.

4. With a spacious footboard measuring 29.5cm/11.61in, this versatile core disc duo is perfect for any size.  It's an ideal choice for people of all shapes and sizes.

5. With the TwistFit Core Disc Duo, you can exercise worry-free on any surface! Our silicone design ensures a firm grip and prevents slipping while also protecting your floors from scratches..


Product name: Split type waist twisting machine

Size: Length 29.5cmx Width 21cm/11.61x8.26inch

Function: thin waist / thin arms / hip lift / thin legs


Packing List:

1 pair Split type waist twisting machine



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