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JumpSync ProFit Set: Adjustable Speed Rope

JumpSync ProFit Set: Adjustable Speed Rope

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This Training Jump Rope Set is the perfect addition to your fitness regimen. Its adjustable anti-tangle PVC wire rope, speed ball and silicone handles are reliable, durable and offer ergonomic comfort. Work out indoors and outdoors with this set, perfect for men, women and kids.

Multiple Benefits: Using a Jump Bod Rope allows you to improve your endurance, coordination, agility, speed, and footwork. Not only is it effective for increasing strength, but it also allows you to burn a significant amount of calories to promote weight loss.

Training Set: Ideal for beginners, each Cordless Indoor Jump Rope features a foam ball on the end to simulate the feeling of a real Rope skipping so you can train without getting tangled. Once you’ve mastered the skill, you can move on to the Regular Jump Rope.

Portable Design: Simply store the Training Jump Rope without the rope Set in a gym bag or backpack so you can engage in core training at home or on the go. Lightweight and easy

The JumpSync ProFit Set: Adjustable Speed Rope features high-quality ball bearings and stabilizers to provide a smooth and effortless jumping experience. The steel rope is protected by PVC sheathing, making it durable and resistant to bending, deformation, cracking, and breaking.

This adjustable speed rope allows for easy replacement as needed. The cordless design with short leads provides a realistic rope-like feel, perfect for beginners, kids, or fitness enthusiasts looking for a convenient exercise option in smaller areas.

This adjustable speed rope is constructed with long-lasting PVC material that prevents tangling and damage, ensuring durability and reliability throughout your workout routine.


1. Name: Cordless Jump Rope
2. Color: Pink/Blue

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1 X Skipping Rope



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